Recruit a support crew- 25 Diet tips - Women's Health & Fitness

8. Get support

Unless you are the sole inhabitant of an island, chances are that there are people around you who you could call upon to help you feel good about yourself and support you in your wellbeing endeavours. Grab a friend and go for a walk a couple of times a week, go to group fitness classes at the gym, attend weight-loss meetings, or ask a family member if they can call you once a week to check on your progress and your state of mind. Find someone who makes you feel good about yourself – I personally have a friend who builds up my self-esteem beautifully whenever I need it, so not only do I get to hang out with a wonderful friend, but I go home feeling on top of the world afterwards. If you feel all alone in your journey, you are much less likely to stick to your goals than if you are able to share your journey with someone else.