Say no to fad diets - 20 weight loss tips - Women's Health & Fitness

6. Be realistic

Sorry to be the one to say it, but it’s just not realistic that you’re going to lose five kilos in one week. However, it is very realistic to say that you could be five kilos lighter in five weeks’ time. Quick fixes generally only fix for a short amount of time. So be realistic and be patient. Long-term weight-loss happens over a longer period of time, and is the result of creating a whole new set of healthy habits, and these changes don’t happen overnight. They need to be repeated over and over again in order to become ingrained in your psyche. The other really wonderful thing about being realistic is that you can learn to love your body every step of the way on your weight-loss journey, as each day is bringing you closer to the way you really want to look. Celebrate who you are, even if you’re a bigger version of who you want to be. Celebrate the fact that you’re making positive changes that are going to have an incredible impact long term.