Keep off the scales - How to love your body whie losing weight - Women's Health & Fitness

2. Keep off the scales

Okay, I’m not saying stay off the scales for good – it’s great to get a starting point so you know how much you weigh and how much you want to get rid of – but there’s no point weighing yourself every single day. Weight fluctuates for many different reasons, and seeing the scales go up instead of down can have a devastating effect on your self esteem. I find it really rewarding to stay away from the scales and then hop on them when I know I’ve been really good with my food and exercise, and see how much I’ve lost! Sometimes, when you stay away from the scales, it’s easier to imagine that you’ve actually lost some weight and, therefore, start feeling better about yourself. How many times have you thought you’d be a certain weight, and felt really good about that, only to hop on the scales and find that you were dreaming? Nothing helps your self esteem plummet quite as quickly as that! If you can start thinking of yourself as slim, not only will you immediately feel great, but you will also most likely start acting like a slim person, and that will inevitably lead to weight-loss.