Learn how to love your body while you're shedding the pounds with lifecoach Samantha McDonald's top tips.

Love your body while losing weight - Women's Health & Fitness

1. Take action!

If you read my installment in the last issue of this magazine, you'll know that I just had a baby. Let me just say that she is gorgeous and wonderful and awe-inspiring and all those fabulous things (yes, I still have the happy hormones happening!). Babies are very special. The only thing is, they do change the way you look at your body. I mean, weeks after the birth, my body hasn't bounced back to its former glory quite as quickly as the numerous celebrities whose post-baby bodies I've been keeping my eye on. I mean, seriously, where do their flabby bellies go? How can they tuck themselves back into their pre-baby clothes like that?

Luckily, I've been here before, three years ago when I had my first baby. So I kind of know what to expect, and I do know that I'm more than capable of getting back to my former fit self. But it has got me thinking about the way we view our bodies, and our fluctuating state of body image. I know that there are many readers out there like me, who, at this very moment, have made up their minds to get back into shape - whether you have just had a baby or have recently put on weight for other reasons. And, although your determination is there to make this work, you may be avoiding the mirror at all costs because you just don't feel good about yourself right now. Your focus is on the end product, the new slim you, but it's also highly important to appreciate who you are on your journey, so that the end result is even sweeter.