Lamb - energy-boosting dinner ideas - Women's Health & Fitness

Half the plate should be low starch vegetables, one quarter lean protein and one quarter low GI carbohydrates.

Protein may be 150g if weight loss not required; carbs at night are optional
•    Beef curry with vegetables and rice on the side
•    Pork stir-fry with vegetables and noodles on the side
•    Lamb with steamed vegetables and cous cous.
•    Fish with steamed vegetables and potato in jacket.
•    Garlic prawns with Asian greens and rice.
•    Spaghetti bolognaise topped with extra tomatoes and onions.
•    Frittata with salad
•    BBQ steak, chicken or lamb fillet with small jacket potato and green salad
•    Roasted lean beef or lamb with veggies roasted in separate dish and greens served with mustard, relish