If you run or jog three to six times per week for any length of time or distance - this is what you need to eat.






You will need lots of energy. Eat about 1.5 hours or more before your run. You want plenty of slow-burning carbohydrates, also known as low glycemic index (GI) carbs. These will allow you to use the slow-burning energy throughout your run.

You should consume between 300 and 600 calories before a run (this is highly variable depending upon your body and training intensity).

This provides you with slow-burning carbohydrates, as well as some healthy fat, to last you up to an hour or more.


After your workout is recovery time. If you don’t eat the right foods, your body will take longer to recuperate, adapt and improve. Post workout, have a small portion of carbs, and a medium portion of fats and protein.

You’ll be using the healthy fats and small amount of carbs to replenish the sugars you lost while training.

  • 20g salmon/chicken with low GI brown rice or salad

  • Piece of fruit like a banana or apple

  • Couple of eggs (or a protein shake)

  • Unsalted natural mixed nuts.

  • Hummus and wholegrain pitta (contains protien and fibre)

  • High fibre/high protein cereal with milk/yoghurt

If you’re not into taking supplements, eggs are excellent post workout foods; they have the best quality of protein found in food, along with healthy cholesterol and fats.

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