Having lost eight kilos and returned to fitness ahead of the London Olympics, multiple Olympic medallist, swimmer Libby Trickett, wants to help other women to shape up with a healthy eating strategy

Libby Tricket - Olympic Swimming Champion
Libby Trickett's healthy eating plan


To get into the best shape of my life leading up to the Australian Swimming Championships and selection trials for the London Olympics, my fridge contains a huge amount of protein, lots of vegies and loads of grapes!

My dietitian, Jessica Abbott, told me to keep chipping away at the weight, consistency is key. I find adhering to such a strict diet and training regime makes me grumpy occasionally. I’ve never had to think about nutrition in the past and changing my learned behaviours and attitudes towards food has been a roller-coaster ride. I’ve even cried about not being able to have some chips with my meal.

Now I’m further into it and have gotten used to it, I look good, feel great and don’t get grumpy as much. My relationship with food is getting better. I grew up in a family where we eat emotionally. Now I’m healing the way I view food and have a much healthier relationship with it.


I feel that focusing on health, not weight, valuing yourself and your wellbeing, and using common sense is the key to getting people to eat more healthfully. I’ve now lost eight kilograms and to be honest none of them wanted to budge at all. I felt like I was doing everything right for a couple of months but nothing happened. It was frustrating but now persistence has paid off. I feel so much better lighter – I’m just more awake and alive.

My Seven Day Grape Shape Eating Plan is easy to follow, has lots of choice and makes you feel great!


The only thing I can compare winning an Olympic medal to was marrying my husband, but that was so much better than winning an Olympic gold medal!
Winning is wonderful but not everything.I keep a balance between my sport and ‘life’ by always catching up with family and friends, doing fun things and studying at uni.
I’m happiest chilling in bed, reading a book, a tea next to me and being with my husband. To me health and fitness means the world!

Libby’s Seven Day Grape Shape Healthy Eating Plan, in versions for non-athletes and athletes, is free at selected green- grocers and supermarkets, and australiangrapes.com.au

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