Shape up diet


Nutritionist Sarina Lococo shows you how you can shape up for summer

If you've been thinking about shaping up for summer but are not sure what to do about your diet, here are some simple nutritional meal suggestions. Not only will these meal plans get you started, they will also boost your energy which will help you stick to an exercise program. In order to lose weight, we have to satisfy two parts of the fat burning equation. Lower your energy intake and increase your energy expenditure. The following meal suggestions are low in fat and energy but power-packed with nutrients that enable you to burn body fat. Fight fat with ease and enjoy!

Countdown diet plan

Each day choose: 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 2 Snacks, 1 Dessert.

7 boosting breakfasts

½ cup natural muesli
½ cup low-fat milk
1 small sugar banana
1 slice sourdough bread toasted
2 scrambled eggs
1 sliced tomato
2 slices raisin toast
2 tbsp ricotta cheese
1 tbsp jam
1 tub low-fat plain yoghurt
2 tbsp muesli on top of yoghurt
1 tsp honey
1 ½ cup wholegrain or high-fibre breakfast cereal
1 tbsp sultanas
½ cup low-fat milk
1 slice lean ham (grilled)
½ cup baked beans
1 English muffin (toasted)
½ cup raw oats
½ cup low-fat yoghurt
½ cup fresh berries

7 lean lunches

1 chicken breast (100g), sweet corn (½ cup), snow peas (½ cup) and baby tomato (½ cup) salad with 1-2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
2 slices sourdough bread,
½ avocado spread on bread, roast turkey (100g)
½ cup alfalfa sprouts
1 slice Turkish bread (100g),
100g canned tuna in springwater or brine, 1 slice low-fat Swiss cheese (melted on top of tuna)
Add you own salad on top or on the side with balsamic vinegar as the dressing
1 serve Italian pasta
(see below)
1 serve Pasta with chickpeas and roasted capsicum
(see below)
2-egg omelette with 1 cup sliced brown mushrooms and asparagus on 2 grainy toast slices
1 small wholemeal pita wrap with 30g low-fat fetta or ricotta cheese and salad

7 delicous dinners

1 serve Pasta with Broccolini, pine nuts and Cheese (see below)
1 serve Gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce (see below)
1 small lean beef steak (65-100g) grilled, ½ cup cooked peas, 1 cup steamed and mashed sweet potato, ½ cup steamed zucchini
Stir-fried chicken (100g) with 1 cup Chinese vegetables, and your favourite stir-fry sauce (2-3 tbsp) with 1 cup boiled Asian noodles
2 cups mixed vegetables and bean soup with 1 small dinner roll with 1 tbsp low-fat cream cheese
2 slices roast lean lamb or pork (65-100g) with 1 small roast potato, 1 small bowl garden salad with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
1 fish fillet (120g) steamed or grilled with garlic, ginger and lemon juice for flavour, 1 cup steamed rice, ½ cup steamed green beans, 1 cup steamed mixed vegetables e.g. cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms

7 satisfying snacks

» ½ tub low-fat plain yoghurt with ½ chopped banana
» 1 wholegrain muesli bar
» 1 slice fruit bread with 1 tbsp naturally-sweetened jam
» 1 tub (200g) low-fat Fruche
» 1 slice (25g) low-fat cheese with 20g unsalted nuts
» 1 glass low-fat milk with 1 tsp almond or hazelnut meal and 1 tsp honey
» 1 piece medium fruit eg. apple, pear, peach, orange, banana or 2 small pieces eg. apricots, plums or kiwifruit

7 divine desserts

» 1 small piece of low-fat fruit cake (50g)
» 2 scoops low-fat vanilla ice-cream with 1 tbsp crushed nuts and 2 tbsp stewed apple
» ½ cup canned fruit with 1 cup low-fat natural yoghurt
» 1 cup low-fat hot or cold chocolate milk
» 1 cup chopped mixed melon
» 1 small low-fat sticky date pudding (available at your local supermarket in frozen section) with 1 tbsp low fat custard
» 1 small piece of good quality chocolate (25g)