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Amanda Adams' diet secrets

My approach to food is much healthier and realistic than it was in the past. If I have a photo shoot coming up, I don’t ever do anything drastic. I will decrease my carbs just a little, increase the intensity of my workouts and focus on getting enough water and sleep.

In the past my diet was more focused on my outward appearance and had nothing to do with how I felt on the inside, my energy level, what my organs and brain needed, etc. I would have days where I felt weak and dizzy, but since I still had a six-pack, I didn’t care. I finally crashed. I’ve found a happy balance with everything, which has resulted in more energy, happier social life, and just an overall positive outlook on life. My diet staples are lean ground beef tacos, Greek yoghurt with walnuts and fruit, and spicy egg white omelettes.

On cheat meals
I honestly believe that you can have your cake and eat it too; my favourite treats would have to be ice cream, pizza, cheeseburgers, and margaritas! In the past I would limit myself to one cheat meal but that didn’t work for me as I would want treats even more and would want to binge on the weekend. In my #aabikinibody program, we help women get off the harmful, restrictive binge cycle and find a balance with eating. It’s freeing.