healthy salad

3 PM

Who came up with the idea of a second lunch with the in-laws? It’s a licence to pick at things you don’t particularly like, less enjoy, and ingest calories you don’t need.

WHAT TO EAT: If you can’t get around eating between lunch one and dinner (or if you feel like eating again), “consume foods that don’t provide the body with too much energy that probably won’t get used”.

Simpson advises choosing different foods in round two than round one.

“Limit your carbohydrates on Christmas evening and instead go for non-starchy vegetables and lean protein, think a large salad and some seafood/lean ham or cold meats”.

Otherwise, skip dessert at lunch 1.0 and treat the second stop as the second course. The only rule, Simpson says, is to “have a small serve and eat it slowly”. Aim to be the last person to finish.

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