Chocolate eclairs - Live Well Diet Plan - Women's Health & Fitness

Treats (Because deprivation doesn’t work… choose one twice a week)

* 1 glass (150 ml) wine

* 1 bottle (375 ml) light beer

* 20 g chocolate

* 2 plain sweet biscuits

* 1 small packet potato crisps (20 g)

* Other food to the value of 450 kJ

WH&F FAVOURITE SNACK SWEETS: Weight Watchers Belgian Eclair (350 kJ), Cob’s Salty & Sweet popcorn (265 kJ), Aussie Bodies Choc Honeycomb bar (415 kJ).

“An eating plan with all snacks removed is unlikely to work and can establish a mental barrier to getting started in the first place,” Dr Huntley says. A twice-weekly Tim Tam or sauv blanc is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

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