A new weight loss plan with no special foods, no calorie counting and no white-knuckling while your besties order dessert.




Watermelon - Live Well Diet - Women's Health & Fitness

Based on input from real people with real coffee dates, credit card debts and taste buds, the resulting Live Well Plan is designed to level out – not cancel – your favourite snacks and treats, says author and social researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley.

Accredited practising dietitian Melanie McGrice, who also worked on the plan produced by Meat and Livestock Australia with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and other leading organisations, says the plan encourages the body to regulate its own intake by removing common triggers for mid-arvo doughnuts and uber-sized curries.

“It includes the right balance of nutrient-rich protein foods and high fibre low GI grains to help you feel satisfied, while meeting important nutrient needs such as protein and iron,” McGrice says.

You won’t lose five kilos a week (transferring you to the fallacy-that-won’t-die department), but you will enjoy food, dinners out and chatting to the sandwich shop lady.

“The amount of weight that you would expect to lose will vary depending on factors such as your starting weight, height, genetics and how much physical activity you undertake,” McGrice says. Ballpark? Half a kilo a week. “Research shows that lower GI, higher protein eating plans like this are the best option for achieving sustainable weight loss.” And stay off.

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