5 ways to tone up fast
Borrow the boys’ training techniques to firm up faster than that girl over there. Two of the...
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Stationary lunges with kettlebell
Sara Fennell demonstrates a simple yet effective workout for your glutes. How to: Lunge forward...
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Single-leg bench squats
Build legs of steel with the single-leg bench squat.
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What causes bingo wings?
Flabby arms indicate a lack of the hormone testosterone, which plays a pivotal role in producing...
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How to get toned legs
Before you hit the treadmill (again), consider these lesser known corners of the gym to max your...
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How to get rid of bingo wings
Want to tone up your arms? Get rid of wobbly bingo wings with a one-arm shoulder press.
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How to look toned (not skinny)
Want to lose weight but look toned not (gasp) skinny? A strategic dose of fitness and...
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Fitness for firming
So you’re happy with your weight, but want to tighten those wobbly bits without losing kilos?
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