9 medicine ball exercises
This full-body workout will challenge your core, test your balance and strengthen your muscles. Try...
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10-minute power workout
Think you're too busy to train? Think again. These express workouts only take 10 minutes!
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How to break through strength plateaus
If toning and building muscle strength is your goal, the secret to consistent results through...
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VIDEO: Push-Up with Medicine Ball Roll
  Improve your coordination, stability and upper body strength with this advanced...
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VIDEO: Heavy Rope Slams
  Ramp up your cardio and build your core strength with these heavy rope slams.
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VIDEO: Supermans
  Strength training for core functionality. This exercise works your back, glutes and...
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Weight lifting - the ultimate guide
Learn the rules, master the moves and lose weight with our essential guide to weight lifting.
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How to lift weights without gaining weight
Want to lift weights without seeing it on the scale? PT Grant Lofthouse has the...
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Double your running strength
PT Katy Ferguson shows you how to become faster and stronger when pounding pavement with...
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