VIDEO: Running man sit-up
  This dynamic ab workout will improve your core and tone your abs. Nikki...
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VIDEO: How to choose the right running shoes
  Nikki Fogden-Moore talks us through the different running shoes on the market.
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VIDEO: Improve your running technique
  Nikki Fogden-Moore demonstrates the perfect running style.
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VIDEO: 12-week running special
  Nikki Fogden-Moore introduces our special 12-week running program. Improve your...
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Running and walking programs
Walking and running are great fat burning exercises. To optimise fat utilisation, we need to...
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Runner's diet plan
    If you run or jog three to six times per week for any length of time or distance -...
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Running - the essential guide
Strengthen your muscles, improve your technique and choose the right shoes Looking for ways to...
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Stretches for runners
Stretching before and after running is vital for preventing injury and improving...
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Double your running strength
PT Katy Ferguson shows you how to become faster and stronger when pounding pavement with...
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