Reading his body language can be a tougher mission than perusing War & Peace. We asked relationship expert Samantha Jayne, from private matchmaking agency Blue Label Life, to take the guesswork out of his gestures.


• Hands in pockets are a warning that he is not telling the truth
• Arms moving around with pronounced gestures indicates happiness
• Hands rubbing the back of the neck tell you he’s either lying or stressed

• Coy half smile? He is up for a fling
• The closed mouth grin means he is into you but is trying not to reveal too much

• A strong foot stance with arms straight by his side and his chest out indicates confidence
• A hunched stance indicates negativity
• If his thumb is in his pocket, he is into you! He is subconsciously drawing you there

• His eyes reveal more than words – they really are the window to the soul
• Lack of eye contact may mean he’s shifty or signal insecurity (but it doesn't necessarily mean he’s not keen)
• Excessive or long-held eye contact could be a warning that he is playing you. Look out for a gaze held longer than three seconds

• The direction of his feet is an honest indicator of his desires
• Feet facing away from you means he’s not interested
• One foot facing the other way tells you he’s torn between staying and leaving
• Both feet towards you is a sure sign he’s uber keen
• Feet pointed in means he’s not sure if you’re interested. Throw him some reassurance!

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