People with 10 or more friends with whom they have regular contact display significantly higher psychological wellbeing than those with fewer social contacts, says research from London’s University College.

10 Friendship commandments - Women's Health & Fitness

Follow these friendship commandments and maintain lasting friendships:

Thou shalt always

  1. Be your true self with your friends, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. Presenting only a certain version of yourself is a recipe for a superficial relationship.

  2. Accept and appreciate the differences between you and your friends. These are what can bring richness to a friendship.

  3. Be good to yourself so you can be good to others. It’s easier to give from a full tank than an empty one.

  4. Fuel the friendship by staying in touch, even when you’re busy, with a quick text or email. Appreciation is the key, so be generous with your kind words.

  5. Be prepared to take on board feedback, if appropriate, from your friends. They can see things you perhaps can’t and can be great sounding boards, helping you become a better version of yourself.

  6. Be mindful and attentive to what’s happening in your friends’ lives, lending a compassionate ear or a helping hand when necessary.

  7. Recognise when a friendship has run its course. Sometimes it can be better to put an end to it rather than continue to have someone drain your energy.

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