Redefining foreplay

On a more conventional basis, what constitutes foreplay? Apart from those already mentioned, there is also the more direct variety where two or more lovers engage in arousing each other, hopefully to orgasm.

The very word, `foreplay,' suggests that it is an act which goes before the main event.

In tantric practices, orgasm is de-emphasised and therefore is not considered the key objective. The entire process is important.

Most couples believe the reverse - that the lead-up is merely a necessary path to the vital act, which is the climax.
As male and female sexuality is biologically different, the former being more overt, the latter usually requires a bit more ‘work'.

Touching each other's genitals is a good place to start, as is oral sex and mental as well as physical stimulation. Both should be fully aroused before intercourse commences.
When sex itself begins, each individual can become lost in their own pleasure so in a way, foreplay is more truly a shared experience.


Why is foreplay vital to a deeper sexual satisfaction?

Here are just a few ways foreplay can boost your sex life:

  • It creates initial arousal
  • It increases mutual pleasure
  • It brings out female sexuality and facilitates orgasm for women
  • It heightens orgasm when it comes
  • It allows for variety and fun in sex
  • It's often the most intimate and enjoyable part of love-making.
  • For new couples, foreplay aids in learning about each other's tastes and preferences
  • For established couples, it fosters closeness and maintains freshness.

5 ways to put the fun into foreplay

Ways to enjoy this initial part of love-making are only limited by the participants' imaginations. It's all part of the fun element which might otherwise be missing. Try these ideas:

  1. Role-playing
  2. Sex aids, such as vibrators
  3. Sharing and acting out fantasies
  4. Talking dirty
  5. Watching porn before or during sex