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Buzz-kill: Pinterest
Now ogling other people's photos online (sounds kinda creepy when you put it like that) is a bona fide hobby, it's considered 'normal' for two people who cohabit to be in separate corners of cyberspace – despite being in the same room. Or bed. Social Media creeps into the bedroom more than we realise, and it makes it nigh on impossible to get in the mindspace for intimacy. Women's libidos are incredibly sensitive to distraction – whether it's a pile of washing or baby shower album – so checking your facebook feed can be more deleterious than you might realise.

Cure: Look out for this sticker on a bumper bar near you: log off to get off. To stimulate and nurture processes critical to desire and arousal, you need to give it your full attention (in meditator speak, you need 'show up'). All your focus should be right there between the two of you. Switch off your smart phones so the only sounds you can focus on is the sounds of excitement, not a new Facebook alert.