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  Birth control
Recent studies suggest that birth control pills can decrease sex drive in some women, by altering hormones, particularly testosterone and oestrogen. The pill tricks sex hormones into thinking you're already pregnant by stalling ovulation and replicating the hormonal signals of pregnancy. While some women report little or no impact, others are significantly affected by contraception. It can take a couple of months off the Pill to get your groove back. Italian scientists recently confirmed that the Pill appears to affect a woman's sensitivity to smells. According to research, women's sense of smell is heightened just before menstruation. However the contraceptive pill tampers with this cycle, so your smell receptors aren't as responsive to the male (or female) pheromone, and may reduce your interest in sex.

Cure: Leading Australian naturopath Mim Beim, author of Natural Therapies to Boost the Mood and Mind, recommends taking herbal aphrodisiacs while on the Pill. Sanskrit herbs shatavari, withania and tribulus are natural libido boosters, she says.