Vanessa Carnevale, 33, chucked in a high paid career to pursue her passions and launch two businesses.

Vanessa Carnevale chucked in a high paid career - Women's Health & Fitness

I was working in property sales and had been giving up my weekends for years. Tired of balancing work and family and feeling life was something to be endured as opposed to enjoyed, I realised things needed to change. So I embarked on a soul searching journey of getting to know myself again and I finally came out the other side by launching Mindful Parenting magazine, starting a coaching business, running workshops and writing a book!

It took me many months to work through my desires before actually knowing what path I wanted to take. I took the time to get to know myself again and to release the things that no longer served me, things like limiting beliefs and fears. I knew I wanted to work for myself and I knew I needed to be able to work around my kids. Once I knew what it was that I wanted to do, it took me about six months to launch the magazine.

Living the dream

I’ve always been ambitious and have always felt like there was something ‘more’ to life, although I could never pinpoint what that actually was for me. When I was 19 years old I flew across the world and ended up living in Italy for three years. That was a time in my life where I was following my intuition and just listened to the feelings around ‘I just have to do this!’. Interestingly enough, I ended up meeting my husband over there.

I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker at all in the adventurous sense. I think my career change was simply me responding to my true calling, something bigger than me that I just couldn’t continue to ignore anymore. I needed to make changes in my life to make space for this and, as I made those changes, I learnt a lot about myself.

I love experiencing life in the fullest sense. I love the creative process. I thrive on it. Freedom and flexibility to express myself fully is something I crave and wasn’t getting enough of in my previous career. I really enjoy the challenge of running my own businesses. What I love even more is that, because I’m following a path of passion and am working from the heart with the intention of helping others, work really doesn’t feel like work at all! It’s just life/work/love!

Having said that, I definitely didn’t take my leap lightly and the financial aspect was quite scary. I certainly wouldn’t take a leap without having some sort of plan because I have a family to support and obviously common sense is needed.

I had to take a massive drop in income, so I had to really work on letting go and trusting all would be well in terms of finances. I made sure I had savings to fall back on, of course, but I’ve really been amazed at how things seem to work out when you stop trying to control situations and let the universe work its magic for you.

I haven’t regretted my decision for a minute. When you trust in the flow of life and embrace your intuition and what’s right for you, you really open up ways for amazing things to occur in your life. I’m doing things that I didn’t think I’d be doing when I left my job. I’m doing bigger and better things and know there’s even more to come.

Even if I’d failed, I would have coped. I believe that every situation we are faced with in life should be seen as a learning opportunity and so I have worked hard to not beat myself up about experiences in my life where things might not have gone to plan; rather I try to look for the lesson or the takeout from each situation, which helps me grow.

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