Sheridyn Fisher chats to WHF editor Rebecca Long about her swimwear range, fitness regime and beauty tips.

Sheridyn Fisher - Women's Health & Fitness cover model

As a swimwear designer and model you must be acutely aware of body shapes. How do you keep from getting caught up?

A woman’s body is a gorgeous thing, and comes in so many beautiful shapes and sizes, and I wanted Sheridyn Swim to reflect that. I wanted to design suits in which women all feel confident and elegant.

So how do you start your day?

With a fresh, pressed juice with any vegies I have in the fridge, rye toast, avocado and lemon and black coffee.

And on the exercise front?

My training reflects my personality; I am a typical Gemini. On Mondays I head to my gym for kickboxing training; I am training also for an upcoming sci-fi film in which I play a kick-ass heroine, so I love pushing my body to its limits. Tuesdays I go for a run and play mixed soccer, Wednesday is either cross-fit or a boxing session, Fridays I mountain bike ride or road ride, and Sundays I play outdoor soccer.

A beauty secret?

I make avocado and cucumber face masks twice a week.

What would surprise us?

That I am a tomboy. I love riding motorbikes, playing soccer, and collecting comic books! I am obsessed with sci-fi movies and can quote the entire Predator movie word for word. I’m a bit of a nerd!

What stirs you?

I am very open to everyone’s opinion but people who are discriminatory and prejudiced towards others. I do not tolerate animal cruelty.

Love is...


The best advice you ever heard?

My nonna used to always say ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.

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