Kelly Roberts spent years crash dieting and obsessing about everything she ate. It was only when she learnt to love her body that she changed her life for the better.


From a young age, I felt my body wasn't good enough. I had a boyfriend tell me in my late teens that I'd look better if I lost weight, and I took that to heart for many years, trying crash diets and obsessing about everything I ate. I can see now that I definitely felt pressure as a result of the kinds of images we get bombarded with by the media. It seems that until recently (with the likes of Robyn Lawley) Australian media has only ever focused on one kind of body type as being beautiful.

TURNING POINT It's been a gradual shift over many years. I've done a lot of therapy (including studying counselling) and really getting to know and like myself.

I LOVE Being tall, my long legs, blonde hair, hands, feet, full lips and silky skin. I love the way my body feels.

I ACCEPT My tummy area has always been soft and, well, more cuddly than toned.

TODAY When a negative body thought arises, I'm usually able to catch it and check in with myself about what's really going on. As women, I think we tend to project our feelings about everything in our lives onto our bodies. ‘Fat’ is not a feeling, yet women often use the words ‘I feel fat’. Really, ‘I feel fat’ might mean ‘I feel sad’, or lonely, or angry, or disconnected from life.  

I wasted so much energy worrying about food, exercise and my body, so I've gained a lot of that energy back for living now! My man loves my figure and enjoys seeing me show it off.

MY LIFESTYLE I'm in recovery from a long-term illness, so right now less is more for me, doing just 30 minutes of yoga and walking a couple of times a week. Ironically, it's the least exercise I've ever done in my life, and yet I'm leaner than ever. My diet is pretty clean – I've learned I feel best when I eat this way.

I FEEL MY BEST When I'm taking really good care of myself – eating well, listening to my body, moving the way it wants to.

KEEPING POSITIVE I take good care of myself and try to nourish my body, mind and spirit daily. Positive body image goes hand-in-hand with self love.

Stop focusing on food and exercise; focus on how you can love and care for yourself. Stop focusing on how your body looks and listen to your body: what does it need? Be kind. It’s hard to make lasting change without truly accepting where you’re at.

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