Prepare to unleash your inner hedonist with these guilt-free indulgences.

2 minute pleasures - Women's Health & Fitness

»    Lather up in the shower with some creamy bath gel

»    Enjoy a glass of wine

»    Invest in a new mascara

»    Brew a decadent blend of tea and savour the process

»    Make a movie date and don’t skip the choc top

»    Buy some sexy underwear for an instant libido lift

»    Splurge on a magazine subscription to guarantee your mailman delivers a regular dose of happiness

»    Whiz up a decadent cocktail in your blender and serve it in your finest glassware

»    Add a splash of colour to your nails

»    Call (rather than text, email or Facebook message) a friend for an impromptu chat

»    Buy yourself a brightly coloured gerbera (or other single stem flower) for a cheap and cheerful boost

»    Plant a long, slow kiss on your partner

»    Enjoy a bubble bath

»    Switch on your favourite trashy TV show and don’t feel guilty about enjoying it

»    Try on a fabulous pair of high heels

»    Flick through the pages of your favourite cookbook and savour the decadent images

»    Run around the house naked

»    Sign up for pole dancing, life drawing or some other class that will liven up your routine

»    Go for a run (or do a few star jumps/push-ups) to get your endorphins pumping

»    Put on your favourite song and sing it at the top of your lungs

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