Research says that people – potential employers included – decide for or against you within 30 seconds. Borrow our notes from charm school to blitz your next interview.

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1. Your Feet Do The Talking
You can never have too many shoes—and people judge you based on every single pair. In a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, researchers found that people could accurately guess a stranger’s age, gender, and income simply by looking at what was on their feet. They also associated certain personality traits with different shoes.

2. Smile
Your dentist is about to become your most popular medical practitioner. Kelton Research found people with straight smiles were perceived to be happier, smarter, and more successful and popular than those with crooked teeth.

Almost half said that when two job candidates had the same skills and experience, one with straight teeth would be hired over one with crooked teeth.

3. Natural Blush
Brushing on a splash of bronzer can make you appear more confident. In a 2011 study at Harvard University, people said women wearing a little makeup were more likeable, competent, and trustworthy than those with bare faces.

4. Show Some Leg
Believe it or not, women in skirt suits were thought to earn more money and be more confident than those in pantsuits in a study conducted at the UK’s University of Hertfordshire. The researchers say the skirt balances professionalism with attractiveness without being provocative.

5. Take Up Space
Standing tall speaks volumes. According to a recent study published in Psychological Science, ‘posture expansiveness’— where you open up the body and occupy space — not only makes you appear more confident and authoritative, it causes you to actually think and act that way.

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