Spent the summer travelling? Don’t waste time battling the sleep-demon of jetlag. Here are some ways to overcome the long haul lurgy.

How to get over jetlag - Women's Health and Fitness


Jetlag is caused by travelling across different time zones. Symptoms include fatique, sleepiness, digestive upsets and irritability.

Overcome the long haul lurgy with our top 3 tips:

1) Stick to your schedule
Upon landing, attempt to get into your daily routine. Eat, exercise, read and relax at the times you usually would, to train your body into the new time zone. Set an alarm to ensure you don’t sleep all day.

2) Spend more time outdoors
Spending time outdoors surrounded by natural light helps your body adjust to the shift in time zone as your body’s sleep-wake cycle is receptive to light cues.

3) Adjust in advance
Prepare your body for a shift in time zone by making relevant tweaks to your sleep hours a week or two in advance of your travel date.

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