For the yogi

If you think sweating it out in a HIIT class is akin to torture, or if injury is a concern, choose to take the path to Zen. Tiffany and I started our first day at the retreat with an early morning tai chi class, overlooking the valley as the sun was just peaking over the horizon, followed by a walk around the adjacent golf course.

Beginner to advanced yoga and Pilates classes are offered throughout the day, or learn how to harness the power of breath in one of the evening workshops.

But whether you’re a budding yogi or as conservative as they come, don’t skip the daily Meditation 101 classes. The experienced instructors can get even the busiest brain to relax, trialling different techniques so you, too. find your best fit.

“A huge block when it comes to meditation is that people believe they have to empty the mind and completely stop thinking. When that fails to happen, a barrier is formed, ‘I can’t meditate,’” says program and guest experience manager Damian Rocks.

“But meditation is not about not thinking, it is simply about finding a point of focus for a period of time. This focus can be on anything, as long as it is with intention, and can last for three seconds or 30 minutes; focused intention, regardless of length of time, is still a form of meditation. And just one physiological benefit of many is an increased capacity for problem-solving in the pre-frontal cortex, allowing the brain to work more efficiently.” 

For the gym junkie

If you’re using the retreat as a way to get back your fitness mojo, prepare to be sore but inspired by the end of your stay. Each morning starts with a short and sharp stretch session to loosen tight and tired muscles. You can then choose to sweat through a high intensity spin class, tough it out in their fully equipped gym as part of a group circuit, book a one-on-one personal training session or work out your frustrations with a boxing lesson.

Our pick? One of the AM low-impact deep water running classes! Far from your typical aqua aerobics class, you’ll leave the huge heated pool with a definite sweat. Follow it up with a quick sauna and spa and, like us, you’ll feel light and satisfied – all before breakfast.