Can't be bothered to hit the gym? Human performance researcher Adam Fraser shares his top tips for locating your lost mojo

3 steps to improved motivation - image - Women's Health and Fitness

Step 1: Behaviour
"The first step towards motivation is getting really clear about the behaviours you want to exhibit. If the goal is to lose weight and you ask yourself, 'How am I going to do this?' and your answer is 'By eating healthily and exercising', that's not going to work.

The more vague the behaviour, the less likely we are to stick to it. Your chance of success is dramatically increased if you go: 'Here are the behaviours I exhibit and here are the behaviours I don't.'

Step 2: Emotion
"So, you've joined the gym but you never go. Have you tried asking yourself why this is? If your answer is 'because I hate the gym', then there is your first problem. You're not going to do something you hate, so you have to make it more emotionally appealing."

Step 3: Environment
"This is as simple as asking, 'Does my environment support and make that new behaviour easy, or does it make it hard?' So if I'm trying to diet but I have a partner who keeps bringing in chocolate cake or has wine at dinner, that makes it harder because my environment is not supporting my changes."


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