Crave sugar? Addicted to social media? Randy Lindel, a SMART Recovery facilitator, advises 5 ways to deal with urges.

Resist your urges - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Delay: The normal time that it takes for a craving to disappear is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. If you can delay giving in, the cravings will gradually reduce in frequency and intensity. This is also a great way to improve your confidence and motivation since you are proving to yourself that you are capable of overcoming the urges.

Escape: If you are nowhere near the trigger that causes your cravings, you won't be tempted to give in to them. There is no shame in running away – it is necessary until you have firm control over your urges. Walk out of the shop to avoid buying anything. Remove your access to pornography channels. Unplug your computer and lock away your mobile phone.

Avoid: Avoid the triggers that create your cravings. You might be able to avoid them until you are better able to delay your urges, but it might also be necessary to avoid them permanently.

Distract: It's very difficult to think about two different things at the same time. If you make a list of distracting thoughts, you'll be able to divert your attention away from your cravings and into something more productive.

Substitute: Substitute craving with something more beneficial. Exercise is a great form of substitution. Not only does it get you out of most situations where you may encounter a trigger, but it also improves your health. If exercise is counter productive to your resistance goals (i.e. if you have an exercise additction) alternatively, you could read a book, listen to music or get out into nature. Experiment to find what works for you.

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