Female empowerment is something we continue to strive for in every aspect of our lives but have you thought about feeling empowered in the gym?




From winning the right to vote to having a voice in a boardroom full of men, women’s liberation has evolved decidedly over the years. But female empowerment goes far beyond the historical burning of bras in the ’60s or academics’ drawn-out university lectures. It’s something many women still strive for today.

“Female empowerment is not only about equality and being able to achieve greatness, but also about living authentically and individually,” says psychologist and nutritional health coach, and founder of Fermentanicals, Jayta Szpitalak.

“The word empowerment embodies every female’s own unique interpretation of how they would like to express the meaning of that word, or rather their purpose – whether this is to become a high-powered executive or to stay at home, it’s empowerment as long as it’s what you want or desire in life.”

In other words, empowerment is a critical ingredient for women to believe in themselves, to learn to have a voice and to be resilient in all aspects of their lives. But how can you bring that empowerment when you hit the gym?




Keep it simple. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing or how to use the equipment, start with body weight and only add load when you’re comfortable with the exercises – optimal range of motion and good movement patterns trump load.

Work on your technique. Hit up your bestie or a small group of friends and split the cost of a PT session with them that’s focused on technique. The aim of good coaches is to give you the tools to be educated and empowered enough to feel comfortable and confident in any weights room at any time and anywhere in the world.

Wear comfortable clothing.Clothing that is light and not too tight will ensure you don’t feel weighed down or restricted while you move, aiding your level of confidence. Opt for high quality fabric that doesn’t chafe: spandex and polyester feel soft to the touch and are moisture-wicking, making them ideal for your sweat sesh.

Stand up straight as you move about the gym.Research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that good posture may help you feel more confident. Seventy-one students were asked to sit up straight with their chest out or to sit slouched forward with their face looking at their knees, and then rate how they feel about themselves. Standing strong seemed to correlate with feeling strong, with those participants in an upright position rating themselves more positively.

Photography by Charlie Suriano.

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