Suffer from high blood pressure? Treat hypertension with our 60-second fix.

DIY treatments for hypertension - Advice for women - Women's Health & Fitness

1. Get off the phone
Blood pressure rose significantly in subjects talking on mobile phones in a recent study at Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital. The jump was greatest in those who had fewer than 30 mobile convos a day, with researchers guessing that phone junkies were less likely to be stressed by mobile blagging.

2. Salute the sun
Blood pressure dropped by an average three points in subjects who practised yoga two to three times per week for 24 weeks in a recent University of Pennsylvania study. That's two points more than subjects prescribed a modified diet without yoga.

Best DIY treatments
A new study at the Centers for Disease Control reveals docs’ top DIY treatments for hypertension: physical activity (95.1%); quit the cigs (90.4%); maintain a healthy weight (90.3%); reduce salt intake (89.9%); healthy diet (89.4%); limit alcohol (69.4%).

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