Step 4: Practise
Because breathing correctly feels "counterintuitive" (you know, the whole belly 'out' while breathing in and belly 'in' while breathing out), Ben-Moshe says, "It really takes a while getting used to and, like so many things, needs to be practised."

So don't expect this kind of breathing to just become second nature. Instead, take time each day to refine your technique and get better at it. As they say, practice makes perfect, and who doesn't want to breathe perfectly?

"Becoming aware of your breathing takes practice, but it's well worth it," Ben-Moshe notes. "Becoming a 'conscious breather' means heightening your awareness of how you are breathing at different times in the day. You will begin to notice when you are breathing more shallowly, more quickly, and even when unconsciously you may be holding your breath, which often occurs during moments of deep concentration."

Hot Tip: Set aside time every morning and every evening to practise this deep breathing technique. Even a few minutes can help centre you and fill you with much-needed calm. What are you waiting for? 

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