High heels could be the cause of back pain - IMAGE - Women's Health & Fitness



✗ Problem
Starting from the bottom and working your way to the top is a smart approach when seeking out the cause of pain, as many upper body aches can be triggered from ground zero – your feet, or more precisely, your gorgeous shoes.

“If the human foot were intended to walk on six-inch heels, we would have much different arches,” says Smith. “And notice that your toes do not come to a sharp point, so why should your shoes?

“Foot dysfunction can lead to a number of local injuries and conditions, including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and stress fractures, as well as numerous other problems throughout the rest of your body, including knee pain, back strain and even headaches.”

✓ Solution
After you’ve downscaled your heels, selected something with more comfort and support, with one eye on styling, you need to put your feet up and let the experts take a good look.

“A proper assessment of your feet by a physiotherapist should just about be a routine undertaking when considering your overall posture, health and physical capability,” says Smith. “A thorough physiotherapist will not just examine your feet – checking for mobility, swelling and possible biomechanical problems – but should also look at your overall posture and gait.

Since you rarely stand still, it makes sense that your feet should be evaluated in action.

“Remember that, ultimately, the way your body moves relies on a strong foundation and good base of support. Your feet play an important role in ‘setting the scene’ for much of your physical activity.”