Stress can cause back pain - IMAGE - Women's Health & Fitness



✗ Problem
Of course your back pain could be all in the mind.
“Stress can cause your heart to beat faster and muscles to tense. This can eventually lead to headaches, stiff necks and back pain,” says Smith.

It does this, more often than not, by creating dreaded and acutely painful muscle knots.

“Muscle knots are points within a muscle where the contracted fibres are unable to contract,” says Smith.
Stress often goes hand in hand with poor posture, giving rise to the appropriately painful term ‘postural stress’.

✓ Solution
Stress-induced muscle knots may be painful, but they are also among the most treatable back-related conditions.

“Relief can be sought from your physiotherapist, who will perform manual therapy on the knotted part of your body and perhaps prescribe Pilates as a preventative measure,” says Smith.

“Pilates will assist in maintaining flexibility, improving posture, enhancing core stability, and decreasing stress as well as reducing back pain. The most common type of Pilates is found at your local gym. For superior results and a tailored program designed to suit your needs or condition, clinical Pilates, guided by a physiotherapist, is a great investment into your health.
“Once you have been taught these exercises, you can ask your physio for modified movements you can practise at home.”