Your car could be the cause of back pain - IMAGE - Women's Health & Fitness


✗ Problem
Out of the frying pan of the office chair and into the fire of the car seat. No matter how well designed your new car may be, most of us are still sitting in a position that screams back pain.

Back pain is not something that is limited to the time we spend sitting at our work or home office desks,” says Smith. “If we are not observing the correct posture when we are seated in our cars, this can also contribute to back pain.”

Not only do we tend to slump in the car seat as we crawl home to the sanctity of the comfy couch, but we also overcorrect, overstraighten or lean back as we become increasingly uncomfortable and fidgety.

✓ Solution
“The human spine isn’t designed to be perfectly straight,” says Smith. “A healthy back has gentle curves that extend from the neck all the way to the base of the coccyx. Your posture when driving a car should reflect this.

“Rather than hunching over your steering wheel when driving, tilt the seat back a little to reflect the natural curves and arches of the spine.

“You may like to use a lumbar support pillow to ensure the small of the back is further supported in the seat when driving long distances.”