Second layer: pigment blocker

Second Layer: Pigment Blocker

Adding a pigment blocking cream to your daily skincare regimen is a sure-fire way to supersize your sun protection and ward off age and sun spots, brown marks and discolouration. There are various types of blockers on the market. Tyrosinase inhibitors contain controversial skin-bleaching agent hydroquinone and kojic acid, which blocks the enzyme tyrosinase, which is needed to make melanin. PAR-2 inhibitors, such as soy and niacinamide, help to prevent pigment from reaching the skin's top layers. 

Our pick

We recommend Aspect Pigment Punch even skin serum, $118.80,, which is free from hydroquinone yet a proven pigment obliterator. Or for a cheaper alternative, try Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser, $20,, which contains proven PAR-2 blockers niacinamide and soy.