First layer: antioxidant serum

First Layer : Antioxidant Serum

UV rays create damaging free radicals, which is part of the reason why they inflict damage upon the skin. Antioxidants work by specially targeting some of those free radicals, neutralising them and giving you extra protection. Even when used alone, serums can provide up to an SPF 5 protection once absorbed. 

Our pick

Many ingredients are considered antioxidants – from vitamin C and vitamin E to green tea and coffeeberry, just to name a few.

We recommend an antioxidant serum such as the polypeptide-rich Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating A C E Serum, $67.60, that contains multiple antioxidants. Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning – two to three drops will do – and pat in gently. Leave for 10 minutes to allow it to absorb before applying moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up.

Medik8 Firewall, $158, is also a great option. This broad-spectrum anti-ageing serum works synergistically with sunscreen to protect the skin’s collagen and elastin.