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The wellness coach: Claire Obeid

My passion to become a coach first grew after I studied to become a yoga teacher. After my yoga teacher training and a major lifestyle overhaul in mind, body and soul, I soon realised that this natural, innate ability of mine to coach from a place of wisdom and care was actually part of my greater purpose and calling.

I am now a certified holistic health coach. I studied through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is an incredibly popular class now. In addition, I’ve had over 400 hours in yoga studies and additional qualifications in meditation teaching, EFT and holistic healing. I know many coaches who are not qualified and are still incredible coaches. However, I do think that constant study, a dedicated course in coaching and ongoing mentoring is invaluable and highly recommended.

My day always starts with pre-dawn meditation. I then write in my gratitude journal while sipping on a hot lemon tea. Then I have to move – usually it’s yoga, or a big walk or barre class. At my desk, I do anything from answering emails and connecting with my tribe on social media to working on projects such as e-books, e-courses or other programs I am creating. I usually coach in the afternoon.

As a wellness coach, there are certain periods where everyone is paying his or her invoices in one go and money is flowing! Then there are other times when it’s a little slower. In the early days, you might notice a bit of a drop from your full-time salary, but if all goes well you can earn as much as $150k.

Please don’t become a coach because you’ve heard it’s a great way to ‘work from home’ or ‘quit your job’. First and foremost, you should be heading down the coaching road because you feel called to support and guide people.