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The Pill

When treating both premenstrual syndrome and the more severe PMDD, manipulating hormones with contraceptive pills can help. But not all pills are equally effective. “Women should not take older-style progesterone pills as these can actually contribute to emotions like anger and depression,” cautions Prof Kulkarni. “However, some of the newer varieties of pill such as Zoely, Diane and Juliet can be very beneficial.” 

To establish a more stable hormonal pattern, women may take the pill with the active hormones for three cycles then go on to a sugar pill for one week only, so that within a three-month cycle they only have one week of bleeding.

If there’s no improvement, Prof Kulkarni suggests other hormone therapy approaches, including oestrogen patches to provide the ongoing cover of oestradiol (a form of oestrogen hormone) or a combination of oestradiol patches and progesterone. “For some women who are very sensitive to hormones, another alternative is to deliver the progesterone via the Mirena IUD, which is placed in the uterus. This allows the hormones to go directly into the surrounding organs rather than passing through the bloodstream first, where they may cause more side effects,” Prof Kulkarni adds.