We uncover the TRUTH about Botox

Botox myths uncovered - Women's Health & Fitness

MYTH Once you start Botox, you need to keep going or you'll sag

"This is not possible; you will always return to your original state," says The Ashley Centre's Mike Clague. Collagen Face Centre's Dr Peter Bakaric is similarly dismissive. "Botox cannot cause permanent disfigurement and sagging muscles."

MYTH Botox hurts

Needle phobes aren't out of the muscle relaxant race, according to US celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Leslie Baumann. "There is now a topical alternative, and it works – not as well as injectables, but it does." The downside is that a physician needs to massage it into the site for around 20 minutes, while the injectable equivalent takes about a minute.

MYTH Botox needs time to be proven (remember asbestos?)

"Botox has been studied for around 40 years in humans and 25 years in cosmetic indications," Clague says.

MYTH Dermal fillers stretch your skin

"Dermal fillers cannot stretch the skin permanently," says Dr Bakaric. And if you don't like the look, it can be reversed. "If they are hyaluronic (sugar based), they are completley reversible and can be dissolved in 24 hours,"Clague says.

MYTH You get what you pay for

"It's a myth that the more you pay for skincare, the better the result. In my experience the most expensive creams with the fancy packaging and bottles are the least effective," says Dr Bakaric.

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