Spending Friday night snuggled up in bed with your man? Here are 5 ways to look good naked...


5 ways to look great naked - Women's Health & Fitness

1. Tan yourself toned

Get ready to smile and nod when he asks if you’ve been working out, because this tip from Vani-T founder Tania Walsh is the next best thing to six weeks of spin classes. For instant faux tone, start by applying tan to your outer thighs, working from the top all the way down, but avoiding the centre of the front of your legs.

To highlight the muscle you do have, flex the limb, or abs, and apply tan under the defined muscle area. Finish with a slick of shimmer lotion down the centre front and centre back of the areas you have contoured, ensuring you’re working in a straight line and blending the edges slightly. “The added highlight draws the eye to the shimmered areas and takes the focus away from darker, contoured sections,” says Walsh. “The visual trick results in a longer, leaner look, instantly.”

2. Smooth away cellulite

Three words: instant cellulite reduction, and not an overpriced cream in sight. According to personal stylist Sally MacKinnon, reducing dimples (yeah they’re cute – when they’re on your face) comes down to exfoliating and moisturising. “It sounds so simple, but when the skin is soft and smooth it’s less likely to look aged and sun damaged and will also diminish signs of cellulite,” she says.

3. Get the girls defying gravity

You know it makes you hungrier than a hippo, but bet you didn’t link sugar to saggy boobs. Nutrition author and speaker Christine Cronau says the sweet stuff can sap skin’s elasticity. “Sugar destroys collagen, so to keep our breasts youthful, eat less sugar and more fat.”

4. Meet the mirror for instant x factor

We’re not talking the one-foot-in-front Facebook pose. Positive image advocate and artist Manisha Lee says the key to looking – and feeling – pretty is as simple as mimicking a classic painting. Hey, if curves were good enough for Reubens... Toy with poses until you find your groove. “The connection with your physical self will help you to move, stretch and hold yourself better.”

5. Flex up a flat tum

It’s a bit late for planks and bicycle crunches when you’re getting to know what brand of bed sheets he buys. But Pilates instructor Tasha Lawton says there is such thing as instant washboard abs. “Imagine you’re going for a wee,” she says. “Next, engage the muscles required to stop the flow, which is basically switching on your pelvic floor muscles, and your tummy flies back towards your spine, making it look and feel flatter.” As an added bonus, “your butt even seems to lift a little, too”.

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