The treatment: Hypoxi

The G.O.: Loved by celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Madonna, this promises two-in-one weight loss and cellulite reduction while lying down – sounds like the ultimate lazy girl’s weight loss plan.

But don’t think you get to stimulate your metabolism and circulation effort free. You do need to cycle for the 30 minutes you spend lying in a vacuum chamber (wearing a weird-looking balloon-like skirt) and choccie, chips, soft drink and alcohol are off the menu. You also need to avoid carbs three hours before a session.

The numbers: According to Hypoxi’s press materials, you can lose three times more weight than with a standard exercise program.
The time frame: 12 sessions are recommended. Clinicians advise spacing 30-minute treatments over four weeks, averaging three per week.

What the expert says: “There may be some good results with this, as they’re giving you good nutritional and fitness results,” says Griffin. “But you’ll get this result, if not a better one, if you focused on yourself and your own goals, and your belief to achieve a weight loss goal,” she says. “Anything that’s an artificial stimulation is not as good as doing it yourself. Why not empower yourself rather than allowing a machine to do a workout for you?”

Cost: $69 per session.

Contact details: hypoxi.com.au

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Photo credit: Thinkstock