Getting your skin back into tip-top condition for summer isn’t as big a task as it seems, according to skin expert Christine Clais (a.k.a. the French Facialist).

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1. All-over natural glow

WHAT: Dry brush your body.
Follow a five-minute dry body exfoliation ritual before your morning shower.

WHY:  This simple and quick routine will encourage exfoliation, making your skin feel softer and look glowing. It will also provide you with extra energy due to the increase in blood and lymphatic circulation that it creates.

HOW:  Using a soft bristle brush with a long handle so you can reach the skin on your back (you can find these at your local supermarket or pharmacy), brush your skin using long, sweeping strokes. Always start from the bottom of your feet upwards, then from the hands towards the shoulders, and then on the torso in an upward direction. Also include your back and make this a five-minute ritual before your morning shower.

PRO TIP:  Always brush towards the heart so as to increase the circulation back to the heart and encourage oxygenation of the tissues.

2. Look younger

WHAT: Use a good moisturising agent all over.

WHY:  a good moisturising agent will prevent excessive water loss through the skin and will contribute to our skin looking healthy and younger. Water plays a critical role in the structure and function of our skin. Although the water content of the stratum corneum (the outermost skin layer) is much lower than in living tissues, it can dramatically affect the appearance and feel of our skin. Water in the stratum corneum maintains skin’s suppleness and softness.

HOW: After a shower or a bath, choose jojoba oil to gently massage over your entire face and body. Because jojoba’s chemical composition closely resembles that of the skin’s natural sebum, it is easily absorbed and acts as a wonderful moisturiser and barrier for the skin. Jojoba also contains many nutrients with skin benefits, such as vitamin E, B complex, zinc and copper.

PRO TIP: The dead skin cells that make up the surface of our skin usually contain between 30 per cent (maximum hydration) and 10 per cent (dehydration) of water.

3. Prevent wrinkles

WHAT: Detox your mind.

WHY: Because the mind and our body work closely together, our thoughts and the way we feel about ourselves and life affect our body – including our skin – for better or for worse.

HOW: Focus on reducing stress and negativity in your life. Start paying close and loving attention to yourself and make a commitment to your wellbeing by spending quality time with yourself, being kind to yourself, and creating fun, loving and honest relationships.

PRO TIP: Keep a gratitude diary. Every day write down at least five things for which you are grateful. This will help you think happy thoughts and assist you when life gets tough!
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4. Erase dark circles and bags

WHAT:  Get a good night’s sleep.

WHY:  To function well, our bodies need about eight hours of sleep every night, and the first visible signs of sleep deprivation usually show as dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as dull or drawn looking skin. Continuous lack of sleep eventually leads to increased levels of stress hormones in the body, which causes increased inflammation within the skin, leading to accelerated skin ageing and wrinkling.

HOW:  Avoid caffeine for four to six hours before bed (some new research indicates that the best time for coffee is between 2pm and 5pm, when its effect on our circadian rhythms is basically neutral). Also develop a regular bedtime schedule so your body clock is well regulated.

PRO TIP:  Place a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow – It’s known for its relaxing properties.

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