Youthful looking locks can be earned through eating the right foods, writes Jennifer Harbottle.

Youthful looking hair

It’s no coincidence that hair products, including shampoos, conditioners and stylers, now promote themselves as anti-ageing. Like your skin, the health of your hair is affected by age as well as what you put it through on a daily basis.

The ageing effect:

“The number of hairs on the scalp gradually decreases from about the age of 25,” says Dr Knudsen, hair replacement surgeon at The Knudsen Clinic in Sydney. “Greying of the hair can start from as early as your late teens and is a result of a decrease in melanin pigment secretion into developing hairs. Women’s hair typically starts thinning around the time of menopause and is caused by a drop in oestrogen levels.”

Turn back time tip:

Dietitian Glenn Cardwell says even short periods of nutrient deficiency can have an effect on the health of your hair. “The key nutrients for good hair are the minerals selenium, iron and zinc, and the vitamins C and biotin,” he explains. “Fruits, salad vegetables (vitamin C), mushrooms (biotin, selenium), Brazil nuts (selenium) and lean meat (iron, zinc) will all help provide these key nutrients.”

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