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Tip 6: Use at-home treatments

An intense, leave-in treatment will help to repair heavily damaged, dry and dyed locks. Try Kevin Murphy Body Mass, $49.95,, which uses eyelash-lengthening technology to help nurture your hair and make it appear full.

Got a bit of extra coin? Invest in Kerastase Densifique Density Activator, $128, three-month program promises to improve the density of your hair by optimising stem cell activity.

If you’re after a more natural treatment, rub the ends with Davroe Moisture Senses Certified Argan Oil, $23.95, “My secret is Loving Earth’s coconut butter. I put it on clean hair and rinse it out with warm water. The oil itself forms a protective layer on the hair shaft – strengthening the hair, reducing frizz and preventing breakage, especially when using irons and blow dryers,” says Enegd.