Suzana Cosic's anti-ageing tips - Women's Health & Fitness

Suzana Cosic, Dermal Therapist, Rejuvenation Medispa
 When choosing anti-ageing products, look out for active ingredients such as peptides, vitamins and stem cells. When reading the ingredient list, be careful of misleading marketing and keep in mind that the first ingredient listed is the one that is contained the most and the last listed is the one featured least. If the ads tell you ‘contains peptides’, but peptides are the last or second-last ingredient listed, it’s hardly effective. There are three types of products out there:

  • Cosmetic or department store types. I do not recommend these as they tend to be full of fragrance, essential oils, parabens and alcohols, etc.

  • Cosmeceuticals, which are professionally recommended after a skin assessment by a beautician or dermal therapist. They contain highly active ingredients that can implement change and improve skin. I highly recommend this category.

  • Pharmaceutical, such as antibiotics for acne or vitamin A for ageing. These can be quite harsh for the skin and require a prescription from a doctor. These are only recommended for certain cases 
after you’ve tried everything else.