Naomi Mance's anti-ageing tips - Women's Health & Fitness

Naomi Mance, Senior Paramedical Therapist, Paloma Medispa
There are a number of natural methods for fighting ageing. The classic cucumber on the eyes trick helps to calm and soothe the area while boosting microcirculation.

I also like to make honey masks to cleanse and hydrate. Simply apply honey direct from jar to face, leave for half an hour and remove with lukewarm water. This leaves skin smooth and glowing. You can also mix the honey with avocado (to nourish and tighten), oatmeal (to clean pores and remove dead skin cells) or lemon (to fight acne and scarring).

Skin needs to be exfoliated and hydrated regularly to keep it from ageing. The younger you start, the better. There’s this common perception that more expensive products have better results, which is not necessarily true. A lot of the time it’s about the simple things – rosehip oil, sufficient sleep and exercise.