The hands tend to show signs of ageing due to their constant exposure to the sun and other elements, says Natalie Abouchar, of Privée Cosmetic Bondi Junction.

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How hands age

Abouchar explains the factors that lead to aged-looking hands.

1. As we age, we inevitably lose subcutaneous fat from our skin, including from our hands.

2. A further ageing catalyst is excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which breaks down collagen and elastin fibres, resulting in poor skin texture and quality.

3. Other sun-related damage such as sun spots and pigmentation also contribute to hands’ aged appearance.

4. Because we use our hands for everyday tasks, the skin is also regularly exposed to drying water and chemicals. This dehydration makes veins and ligaments more pronounced and skin appears thin and crepey.


Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always beneficial – even when it comes to your hands.“Eating a healthy diet low in sugar, exercising and leading a clean lifestyle will slow down the ageing process and delay breakdown of collagen and elastin,” Abouchar says.

DIY: Being vigilant with sun protection on your hands limits UV damage. Applying a hand cream at least once a day will also help replenish moisture.

Professional: A number of skin treatments that can rejuvenate tired-looking hands, Abouchar says. Her stars? PRP: Injecting your own autologous platelets back into the skin stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Dermal Fillers: Can be used to plump out the skin to restore volume in aged hands and hide veins and ligaments.

Photorejuvenation: This light-based treatment works on hand pigmentation and age spots to restore even skin tone.

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