Gym Workouts

Barbell or dumbbells?
Which is best: barbell or dumbbells? PT Grant Lofthouse has the answer
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Hanging reverse crunch
This is ab work’s best multi-tasker, targeting upper abs, obliques and lower abs.
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Weight lifting - the ultimate guide
Learn the rules, master the moves and lose weight with our essential guide to weight lifting.
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How to lift weights without gaining weight
Want to lift weights without seeing it on the scale? PT Grant Lofthouse has the...
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Weight lifting rules
Once the penny drops that lifting weights is the best way to burn fat, it’s tempting to haul as...
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4 reasons to try a spin class
If you’re looking to boost your cardio but are sick of the monotonous repetition of the...
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How to get toned legs
Before you hit the treadmill (again), consider these lesser known corners of the gym to max your...
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Weight training for women
Think weight training is only for men? Not so, naysayer.
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Beginner's guide to gym jargon
  Is your gym membership gathering dust because you feel self-conscious surrounded by...
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