Slam ball twists
A fun exercise that targets your abdominal muscles and lats! How to 1. Sit on a bench with...
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Which yoga style is best for you?
Not sure which type of yoga to choose? We ask yogini Jean Campbell to help us unpack some...
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The Miss Universe workout
Want to get serious about training? This fitness program, developed by Alexa Towersey, was...
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Shoulder stand yoga pose
  Improve your upper body strength with the Shoulder Stand yoga pose. How to Pull the...
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Dumbbell stiff-leg deadlift with extension
Bored of ordinary deadlifts? Try this version to work your lower back, glutes and...
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Why can't I get a six pack?
Doing 500 crunches a day and STILL not seeing results? It's time to make changes to your diet,...
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